Curb Your Enthusiasm

I flippin shocked my finger unplugging my computer tonight. My thumb is stinging so bad. And I got a paper cut on my other thumb tonight too. I’m really just a mess. My thumbs are taking a beating today. I’m have the jitters tonight, besides the fact that I got an electrical shock. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, I HATE the dentist. I absolutely detest it. Why can’t we just all get dentures and not have to deal with teeth?? Just a thought. What I DO like is baby wipes. Those are a mans best friend. You can use them for about everything!! I was thinking today about the psychological effects a feral child has. Can a child really be introduced into society after a lifetime of being locked away? Would the effects be the same if you take an animal with similar behavior as a human into a family setting. What would you do if you found a feral child? I think it would be such an interesting thing to study. So today I was told I’d be an excellent candidate for a triathlon. ME?? REALLY?! I think it could be a new exciting adventure. I guess I’ll start looking into finding a trainer and everything. Man I would be in such good shape if I were to do one! My fingers are flippin hurting, my poor thumbs. Dogs are lucky they don’t have opposable thumbs.


~ by Lauraige on 05/12/2010.

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