Liquid Dreams

Wow so I had a lot going on today. One of my busiest non-working days I’ve had in a VERY long time. Even though I technically did go to work later in the afternoon. Still though it was a good day, I felt very productive and I was doing something with my life.

We’ll start with my trip at the dentist, since that’s the most exciting part of my day, with some good action. So I get to the dentist at 10:00 for a cleaning and check-up. Have I ever mentioned I HATE the dentist. I absolutely LOATHE it. A DEEP BURING PASSION OF HATE. Anyways, I get to the dentist and meet my wacky dental hygienist. This woman seriously has some loose screws up in her head. Last time I was there she convinced me I had off-balanced alkaline levels, and that I needed to go to the health food store and pick up some alkaline toothpaste, mouthwash, and this nasty stuff I had to put in my water to balance my Ph levels. WTF?!?!?! This time she was rambling on how There should be technology to tell us what kind of food to eat that will make us healthier. Oh what I don’t get is, I floss my teeth pretty well. I don’t overly grind at my gums, because that just freakin hurts. So, why does the dentist, and dental hygienist literally pull all the way up to my brain?? No wonder my gums start to bleed!! They tell me I don’t floss, ummmmm no I like my gums and I don’t treat them like a serial killer. I am not kidding you when I say my mouth looked like a war zone when she was done flossing…..Finally, the dentist comes in and takes a look at my x-rays and sees that I have 3 cavities. All 3 have been pre-existing, 2 are very small and right next to each other. The 3rd one though has been there since 2008 and he told me if I don’t take care of it now I’m going to have to get a root canal…..FML that being said I’m going to be crying bloody murder next Wednesday at 12 PM. I’m just going to ask for some damn dentures.

Now on to my CRAZY dream I had. It was so detailed it slightly frightened me. So it started with my parents deciding that me and my family were going to pick up and move to Detroit Michigan. I was really pissed off about this. Mainly because I have friends coming the whole month of June so I wouldn’t be able to see them. My mom convinced me though that it was okay because Michigan was closer to Colorado (where they live) then California. She told me that it was only two states above Colorado anyways….so we were living in this apartment, but it was in this hotel sort of place. Randomly we moved there with my aunt, uncle, my two cousins, and my sister who lives in L.A. on top of the four people who live in my house. Funny thing in this average apartment, all of us had our own room to sleep in. I was really jealous because my two younger cousins got these awesome rooms. It was in 3 levels, but not levels like a house. These levels were like stair style levels. First level was your basic bedroom. Second was a walk in closet. The third was a office like space. I was jealous because I ended up with this chinky room with a bathroom, but literally there was a wall and in the wall was the shower and it was just being hidden by a shower curtain. Right next to it was the sink and toilet….LAME! I complained and my parents decided to get me two cats. they were cool cats one was leopard print, and one was cheetah print. The boy cat though, was a little shit, but the girl cat was sweet. Right next to the hotel place, but upstairs was a dance area. All the people in there were Middle-Eastern Indian people though. Why that group of people I don’t know??? So that’s the gist of my dream. The weird thing about it though, was I was dreaming it about and then I had to get up and go to the bathroom and when I went back to sleep I was dreaming it about it again. Anyways, I’d like to get a dream book and figure what it was about. Because it must mean something…..


~ by Lauraige on 05/13/2010.

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