Big Girls Don’t Cry

Welcome to day from hell numero dos. A little bit of frustration, fun, work, miscommunication, anxiety, and relief. You have my day all right there. I’m not looking forward to teaching swim lessons tomorrow. I’m actually really dreading it. I guess you suck it up and deal. I’m wiped out though. Long, long day. I was thinking about restaurant names today. I thought it would be cool to name my restaurant “Aye Cuisine.” You know like the Iron Chef show. That crazy Asian guy says that. I think it is a pretty legit name. I realized I wrote a hell of a lot on that last post. Holy guacamole!! So I’m applying for another job. My goal is to work about 60 hours a week during the summer. My mom doesn’t think working at a bunch of outdoor locations is such a good idea for someone with such a fair skin tone as me, but I think she is just being racist. I need the money and I need the hours. So I’m going to be burning myself out. On the inside and the outside. I’m also thinking of picking up some nannying hours, if this job doesn’t work out. So if you know anyone that needs a babysitter/nanny. I’m here ready for business. I’m CPR, First Aid, Oxygen, Early childhood education, and Working with people with disabilities certified. All this thinking about work is making me tired.


~ by Lauraige on 05/14/2010.

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