That’s Not My Name

Geeze louise, i just burnt the roof of my mouth BAD. To the point of me rubbing my tongue against the roof and skin peeling off. Argh I hate hot pizza. Oh yea I’m eating pizza again….story of my life. I feel like I’m living like a bachelor. Dirty kitchen, messy bathroom, clothes lining the hallway, pizza burning in the oven. Yea can you tell my parents are out of town?? So I’m going on a job interview. I’m going to have a busy as hell week. Job interview tomorrow, horrible dentist appointment Wednesday, Assessment testing Thursday, Working all day Friday, Rummage Sale Saturday and Sunday. Woot Woot!!! I’m getting up at 5 AM tomorrow too, to do a last minute babysitting job, woo haa. Can yea dig it?? I’m actually really excited about this busyness. Makes me feel like I’m doing something with my life. I’m running the race called life, can’t quit now….

Ready or not here I come


~ by Lauraige on 05/17/2010.

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