You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. You win some, you loose some. So I didn’t get that job. I didn’t technically even get an interview. It kind of sucked balls. I got there for this walk-in interview, after stressing all morning trying to get ready, and they turned me straight down. I mean shoot, I get all dressed professionally, skip out on breakfast, go the extra mile. At least ruffle the feathers and give me the interview AND THEN tell me the position is no longer available. I can’t believe I made it on 4 hours of sleep and 5 things of coffee later. I’m must be smoking some good crack to be able to do that. So, my dreaded dentist appointment is tomorrow. Oh gosh how I’m not looking forward to that. Why me?!?!?! I ask myself that everyday. I need to mentally prepare myself for this shidobi. I love how this is a busy week of crap I really don’t want to do. Why can’t life be fun??? Why do you have to grow-up and be an adult?? I think I’m going to go cry in the corner. Throwing myself a pity party, whose in?


~ by Lauraige on 05/18/2010.

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