I’m Like a Bird….I’ll Crap on Your Car

So, today was an absolute great day. Cool thing is, there is no hint of sarcasm in that!!! I mean besides the fact that I had to go get a major filling done at the dentist, it was awesome. Even that wasn’t bad. I had an excellent work out today, an excellent dentist experience (I highly recommend listening to an ipod), fun time babysitting, and a good evening with little kids from church. I was even offered a nannying job!! When one door closes another one opens….I guess that saying is very true!! Coral what?? So tomorrow is my assessment testing, I’m looking to go in and BS that sucker. We’ll see how that flys. I get to sit in there for a nice 3 hours….FML I thought I was done with testing. I’m thinking though I’m pretty set with how my life is going. Couldn’t be happier right now.


~ by Lauraige on 05/19/2010.

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