My Life As Liz

I think I’m going to start an alter ego. Someone that I could live vicariously through and not get in trouble for it. My life would go a little something like this…..

Ugh another long night. I have to hop on a plane in a few hours and go to Costa Rica for a business trip. I don’t know how I can handle all this stress. I’m supposed to be making a club appearance at one of the new night clubs that just opened up there. Once I get back gosh, I need to come up with the new restaurant design, menu, and staff. I went on a different date every night this week. All the guys were just so pathetic, losers, going no where in their life. I’m moving to New York in a less then a month, and have been training for the marathon. I can’t get a breath in. We’ll make it work. I always do, I’m not called Liz the Wiz for nothing. I’ve got book smarts and street smarts. You know how it works.

……so compared to my life, that seems a little appealing.


~ by Lauraige on 05/20/2010.

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