Drop Dead Dream

Okay, everything is better now. Near anxiety driven week, but I actually have a clear mind again. Watched the cutest kids ever tonight! It was a good end to a crazy week. An added plus is that I made bank doing it. Sucks though that my darn headaches are back. Whatever moving on to stuff more interesting. I’m watching The Soup right now. They have a clip from the Today show, these boredom buster boxes. http://giverslog.com/?p=2203 I want to make a boredom buster box. I need to think of what I would put in my box for me not to get bored. Maybe a little paper, a knife, some pepto bismol, a twinkie, rubbing alcohol, raw meat, and a piece of twine. That can all fit in shoe box right?? I have a feeling inside me that I would make a good T.V host. I think people would like me. Oh I like talking about myself, I hope you people don’t mind. I’m slightly narcissistic. Hey at least I have something to talk about, and I’m not a social ratard. Hmph….


~ by Lauraige on 05/22/2010.

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