Them Chickens Jackin’ My Style

Say HELLO to Stanley!!!

So, Flat Stanley arrived yesterday. I need to find him some adventures. What am I supposed to find in a week before I have to ship him back to Sacramento?? I’ve thought of a lot of inappropriate things for 5 year olds, but nothing that I could send back to my little nephew. Drat!!! Who thought of this stupid Flat Stanley guy anyway?? I did have him sneak into a movie tonight that was cool. I let him eat the crumbs in my purse, because I was giving him a free ride. He’s one ugly little fellow. He’s a little cheapskate though. I mean really you can’t keep pulling this sympathy card just because you got flatten by a bulletin board. This should teach kids to look where you are going. Not hey if you get flattened you can get a cheap trip all over the world, getting to see all kind of cool sites for just the simple cost of a postage stamp. GEEZE!!! What a chew. I think tomorrow I’m gonna introduce little Stan to my version of the zoo……


~ by Lauraige on 05/23/2010.

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