Wacky Japanese Update

What a day, I mean WHAT a day. Please someone take this load off of me. Crap one of the worst days ever. I’m just asking for trouble lately. Playing with fire. I really want to break my wrist. Why you may ask?? Ummm because I’ve always wanted a cool cast and have people sign it. I think I could rock a cast. I’m kind of a hypochondriac and masochist so hey it works. Did you know you should never wear a pair of chonies without washing them in at least 140 degree water. It’s shown that nasty people try them on and leave stains like blood, urine, fecal. Also, they contract certain STDs, and bacteria that causes yeast infections. Why the heck would you try on chonies in the first place?!?! Shouldn’t you know your size? So beware of your chonies, they are your new worst nightmare. At least if gives you a reason to go commando.

~ by Lauraige on 05/24/2010.

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