Always Remember Your First Crush

So looks like both Stan and I had a little fun today!!! Hmmmm…..who came out on top??? I think I did. I found a way I can stop pretending to be preggos when I go out. Now I can finally attract some real men!! I took Stan around town today. First we had a little educational time at college, then we drove to my version of the zoo, then we went to the carousel, after we went to the wharf, made a little stop at these stupid suri bikes, courthouse, and finally cupcake bakery!!! Then we went to work and dealt with some obnoxious kids today. WHY OH WHY do kids have to be brats sometimes?!?! If I was 4 and I threw a toy at an adult and then kicked them, boy I could just kiss my ass goodbye. Shoot just make that if I talked back to an adult. What’s with kids nowadays and they think they can “Stick it to the man.” Puhlease child, you gotta pay your dues, before you can pull a fast one like that. I think that is why I was put at the Y, to show these kids the ropes, and not to be little shits.


~ by Lauraige on 05/25/2010.

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