Miracle in My Mouth

WHODIDILY!!!! ME OH MY, today couldn’t have been a better day! For the first time ever I fell in love!!! If you’ve never been to Whodidily…..you should. I’ll be blunt, it’s like an orgasm in your mouth. Yea that actually sounds really gross, but HO MY GOODNESS it was amazing. I swear I’m about to turn into a cupcake. Shoot works for me though!! As long as I stay my sweet self HU HAAA!!! So I’m let’s just say ADDICTED now to cupcakes Whodidily in particular. Good thing it is close to work. I can spend my whole paychecks on cupcakes. I love the moistness, the rich flavors, the smell of that doughy cakey smell. Woah I just got the chills just thinking about it. Man am I hungry for a dang cupcake now. I had I think two cupcakes today. One from Whosies and one from frescos. I feel like I just grew 10 new cavities. Can you even grow those suckers?? It’s not like I’m going to harvest them or anything. Well since my tummy is hurting….I’ll just take this time and run to the bathroom.


~ by Lauraige on 05/27/2010.

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