Black Mamba

Are the best things in life really free?? Give me one good example….So I was really bummed today when I went to TJs. I won’t go into details, but we can just thank my mom for ruining my day. So I spent the entire day literally going from one side of town to the other and back again. I’m trying to prepare myself for a “low key” BBQ tomorrow. So why you may ask am I running back and forth across town?? I don’t know?!?! The one plus out of it is that I got some cool new bake ware and I got the first two seasons of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Talk about dry humor. I know some people with dry humor, or should I say dry personalities, that might enjoy it. It takes a sophisticated mind to understand. I do like the cheesy things in life. That’s why I’m sitting here up at 1:06 in the morning watching one of my favorite movies. Full of fake blood, mere impossible killings, and stupid dialogue. Man, how I dream that I can kick ass like she does. I don’t want this fun to end, it is just getting good. There is that inevitable voice in my head telling me to go to bed because I know my mom is going to be yelling my name at the crack of dawn to start cleaning the house for this “low key” party. Why do I do this to myself on a continual basis???


~ by Lauraige on 05/30/2010.

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