Tatas, Bee Stings, Balloons, Jugs, Hooters, Fried Eggs, Melons, Tits, Fun Bags, Knockers, Mosquito Bites, Honkers, Wazzos, Dirty Pillows, Cans, Chesticles, Rack. Whatever you want to call them, Most people have a love/hate relationship with them. They’re not big enough, they’re too big. Boobs are like their own entity. We cater to them as if they were a child. Just like a child though, they give you trouble. I am going to give you a list of why boobs are dumb.

1.They sometimes make you look like a slut even though you are trying to be classy.
2. No matter how hard you try to “up-keep” them, they’ll end up sagging on you.
3. They get FLIPPIN sore during your monthly.
4. When you’re trying to work out, they just get in the way.
5. As much as you try and like yours, you always want the other girls….
6. They can make you look fat.
7. Good bras are EXPENSIVE.
8. Unless you plan on breastfeeding, they serve no purpose. (Sorry guys, it’s a loose-loose situation)
9. Unwanted attention from men.
10. Shoot if your a butt type of person, you’re really screwed.

No matter as much as I want to hate them, Pat and Sam are still going to be around. And hey I’m a girl I know how to manipulate them how I want, big or small. I’m a girl I know how to fake people out. I do it most of the time. Boobs are one of the weirdest things, and grossest.

Shoot I don’t go around guessing your size, so stop trying to guess mine!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/01/2010.

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