Hairy Situation

I’m kind of a creeper. Yea I don’t know, maybe that’s my one talent in life. I’m determined to get a job at this local grocery store just for the fact of being a little lurk.

I want to try and hit as many uncomfortable topics as possible. So bikini waxes……what is peoples fascination to not have hair “down there?” I don’t blame people though. Is it like some creepy fantasy though? Waxing scares me. Not the waxing part itself, but just letting the hair grow out scares me. Waxing is fine in my book. WAX AWAY!!! Hair grosses me out. I’ve heard some horror stories about waxing pikachus. For instance, my sister’s friend. She was going to get a brazilian done, and the dumb chick ripped some of her skin off. Ayyyeee karumba!!!! I guess it is one more thing to deal with, but one thing I can do without. Hair. 10 reasons why:

1. It is too high maintenance to keep it looking nice.
2. That stuff is like weeds, it grows all over the place.
3. It gets caught in something, and hurts like a mother to rip it out.
4. If you don’t wash it for a day, it gets all greasy and gross.
5. It falls out and leaves nasty messy to clean up later.
6. It clogs up the showers and sinks.
7. When you go and shave it, that damn razor cuts the hell out of you.
8. It’s gross when it get in the way when you eat, it just flaps around in your food.
9. When it is windy, it’s blowin around like a hot mess.
10. When you get a booger that is stuck to a hair, I want to cry when I pick it.

Well guess I’m making an appointment. Just don’t use a flowbee on me.


~ by Lauraige on 06/02/2010.

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