Pack the Punch

Once upon a time there was this girl named Olga. Olga was kind of this weird girl who was infatuated with a crew member Hamilton at her local Buyer Bob’s grocery store. She would go their everyday to see if he was working and to hopefully strike up a conversation with him. Today, Olga went with one of her best friends Tiffany to Buyer Bob’s. They were moseying around looking at the aisles and aisles of health food. Finally they spotted the worker! They were being professional creepers by standing outside the storage room waiting for him to come out to stock some shelves. When unsuspectedly they were approached by another crew worker asking if we were finding everything alright, and why we were just standing there. Olga, all of a sudden noticed she was standing in front of some protein powder, and bullshitted something just saying “Oh just browsing the proteins!” Lucky her this random guy was an expert on protein powder. So she stood their for what seemed like hours listening to this guy talk about protein power. Meanwhile, watching Hamilton walk out with some cereal he was stocking only a couple feet over. She felt obligated now after the long talk to buy the damn protein powder. Lucky her though all of a sudden she saw Hamilton walk over and take over a register!! She walked over cool, calm, and collective like no ones business right up to Hamilton’s register. To her surprise when she got up there he said to her.

“Yea I wouldn’t go with this powder, it’s no good.”

“What?? Why??”

“Oh, I’m just kidding, I just overheard you talking to Dickens over there.”

“What were you stalking me or something?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

Olga’s heart may have stopped, but now she is one knowledgeable person on protein powder!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/04/2010.

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