Nothing but the girls, and the boys

So I’ve recently realized I spend way too much money. I don’t save hardly enough that I should. I’m having more and more responsibilities with my money, and I’m planning on hopefully buying a car and moving out. I need to stop with all this bologna buying, and stuff the pig instead. Though I’m deciding on some ways to still have fun yet, save my money. Here are some of my thoughts on money savers:

1. Don’t shop unless the item is on sale, using a coupon, or it’s at a thrift store.
2. Only eat out max twice a week.
3. Give myself a max limit for the week.
4. Only 2 recreational nights out a week.
5. Keep a minimum balance in my account.
6. Write out my shopping list, and estimate a certain amount.
7. Plan a yard sale, for my unwanted items.
8. Swap music, instead of buying it.
9. Keep only a small amount of cash in my wallet, and hide my credit card.
10. Keep myself busy with non-money activities.

I’m gonna try and stick with this for a month and we’ll see how far it gets me. This is the start of the new me!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/10/2010.

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