Happy Endings

So, today just because I was curious I decided to weigh myself and see how much weight I’ve lost since my whole food poisoning experience. Grand total 7 lbs. not bad, not bad. I decided to Google some diets and this is what I came up with. Since I’ve been doing list lately I’ll pick the best 10.

1. Cabbage soup
2. Grapefruit
3. Lemonade (Highly recommend this one)
4. One Good Meal
5. 7 Day All You Can Eat
6. Apple
7. Cookie
8. Raw Food
9. Alkaline
10. Blood Type

As you can see, it’s normally one type of food. Hey I guess for a quick fix it’s alright. Some of them are just so freakin ridiculous and make no sense. I think it would be a fun experiment to try each one of them out for a week and see which works the best. Hmmmmm….ideas are forming!! My new adventures of the summer have just started. Starting in two weeks on June 21 I’ll start with the cabbage soup diet. Ready or not here I come!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/11/2010.

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