Did you know, that one in three people are carriers of the staph bacteria. Did you also know, that the cold and flu bacteria can survive for days after the infected person has touched a surface. If you know me, you know that I cannot stand using/touching anything in public. It completely disgusts me knowing that I’m touching a cesspool of germs wherever I go. I’m almost OCD about it. I always carry around hand sanitizer. I refuse to use those hand dryers in public bathrooms. I will never ever touch an escalator handrail. I don’t know what has grown this obsessive behavior with avoiding germs, but it can become overwhelming once you think about ever little inch of surface that is infected. I go as far as microwaving sponges to eliminate germs. Here are just a few top locations of contracting bacteria.

1. Anything in a public bathroom. (handles, doorknobs, faucets, etc.) never use hand dryers it circulates the germs.
2. Playgrounds
3. Escalator handrails
4. Elevator/Vending Machine buttons
5. Gas Pumps
6. Shopping cart handles
7. Shared pens
8. Doctors Offices (especially magazines)
9. Restaurant Menus
10. Backpacks and Purses

It makes me quiver just to think about all the germs infesting. I just want to pour bleach on myself. I guess you can’t be so worried about germs though. It’s inevitable to avoid them. I think it is could to be aware of them, and to wipe down contaminated surfaces. I don’t need anymore stints of food poisoning. So wash your hands (even under your nails) before making my damn sandwich. Nasty e-coli, and other bacterias.


~ by Lauraige on 06/14/2010.

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