Fierce Wacking

People are the funniest thing ever. If I could just sit at a public place all day and just watch people and how they interact, I would. I was out doing some swim suit shopping after a long ass day of work. You see some of the weirdest people around town. I found one of my new pet peeves. I LOATHE seeing people suck on toes. Ugh it’s sick. So if I work another gosh darn day, of this rainbows and sunshine happy bullshit, of swim lessons I’m gonna loose it. Too late, my brain is already fried with sun damage, chlorine, and cracked out happiness to even begin to help. I just don’t like to be fake, but whatever one more day. I need to maybe drug myself. I bought the coolest swim suit today. It’s pretty much hot. I found my new ambition in life. I’m gonna quit working at the pool and do this for a living…….

Update on my evening:

So this is my events on my Friday night.

I walk into the kitchen where my mom is cutting some pie that she got at some bakery, called Susie’s Cakes. I notice a hole in the pie and ask why there is a hole. My mom replies

Mom: “It’s a heart you idiot.”

Me: “Well Susie is a biyatch for putting a hole in your pie.”

Me: “Can I pee in the sink?”

Mom: “No you cannot pee in the sink!”

Me: “Well fine I’m gonna go pee in the backyard.”

Mom: “Fine go out there with the skunks.”

So I go outside to pee in the bush, and my mom locks me out of the house. What am I to do, but to climb in through the window….


~ by Lauraige on 06/18/2010.

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