Bull Riding

Life is all about taking chances, putting yourself out there, pushing the limit and seeing where it will take you. I’m living by do one thing a day that scares the shidobi out of you. Boy did I do that today….I stepped out of my comfort zone and lived a little today. Where were those steady hands to take the wheel when I needed them to? I would say that outrageous thing I did today, but if anything fails I don’t want to post it for everyone to know. I bought my first pair of lululemons today…..ahhhh they are AMAZING! They’re gonna make me broke too. Today has also been a lesson in impulsion and when to learn you need to take a step back and just say no. Did I do that though? NO!!! Puhlease, look whose talking. I’ll never learn about not doing things so impulsively. Never say never though, there might be a day. It’s time to live in the moment, you only live once aye. Time to take control and do what I want to do. I’m tired of going nowhere. Watch out world, HERE COMES LAUREN!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/19/2010.

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