Get You Home

Living life, feeling free, that’s the way I like to be. So day one has passed no word, but hey guess what it’s all good! If nothing happens with the action I took yesterday, then life goes on!! I’m gonna be too distracted this week to even think about it, so I’m glad I’m back at work tomorrow. Craziness of summer begins again round two. Ding, ding. So, so, so excited the motha, mothas are now all back in town and havoc is gonna happen. Get ready for some exciting stories! Oh Happy Father’s Day! Thankful for my dad to be in my life. That guy is one piece of work. He’s made me the great person I am today! Hahahaha well don’t blame him completely he’s tried to restrain me, but the little brat always rebels. Well this weekend was one for the money. Epic Summer 2010 starts…….NOW!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/20/2010.

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