Bubbles Everyday

I’m a HUGE fan of subliminal messages. Was that blunt enough? I like leaving subtle hints. I’m probably the queen of hidden messages. Normally if I have something to say, I’ll post a video, song, picture. Anything without saying the words myself. Very high school. This is why I’m trying to say I’m not gonna try and be blunt. Why should I say something, when I can find a more creative way to express my feelings?? Speaking of….I just spent the past half hour downloading songs, that relate to my feelings lately. Awww isn’t that adorable. I really should probably just see a psychiatrist, probably equal cost in what I’m spending in itunes. There is only one thing that’s on my mind for every song I’m purchasing. I really wish someone would just shoot me, this is just damn pathetic. Beware of my hidden messages…..they’re all around. It shows my true colors.


~ by Lauraige on 06/23/2010.

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