Hey there kitty cat! I found a new piece of happiness. Happiness damn near destroys you. It’s knocking and I just have to let it in. This happiness is just damn expense. Gosh why can’t money grow on tress? Actually doesn’t it?? Money is paper, paper is tree, therefore money grows from a tree. Life would be so much more simpler if things weren’t do expensive. So today is my brother’s 21st birthday. I doubt he is gonna even have one drink. He’s kind of a wank when it comes to those things. I mean really, he’s 21, one beer won’t kill you. Actually I take that back. I’ll never say that when drinking and driving can come into play. I am HIGHLY against drinking and driving. Underage drinking, fine, as long as you’re smart about it!!! Tonight I was coming home from dinner and I’m getting off the freeway and see a guy pulled over by the cops, taking a sobriety test. What kind of fucktard gets into a car drunk and thinks they can drive?? I’m sorry that doesn’t fly with me. Even better tonight as I was getting off the freeway, a guy comes flying off the other freeway exit with a cop right behind them. I’m sitting behind the cop at the signal, who is behind this person. After some cars pass, the cop flashes his lights. While the light is still red, the guy takes off, with the cop right behind on his tale. The person showing no signs of stopping. WHAT, WHAT?!?!?! CAR CHASE!!! I was tempted to follow, but I like my freedom, and thought I could go to jail if I did anything stupid. Well that was my story for the day!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/26/2010.

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