Don’t Give Me the 3

Think before you speak is the theme of today. I don’t like hypocrites. That really shows me your true colors. I hate it when people promise me something, then turn right around and take it right away. I may not be a baby, and you may not be giving me candy, but this is kind of a similar situation. Literally screwing with my emotions here, and remember I am PMSing. You learn who your true friends are, by the actions they make. You know who has your back, and who’s there just to stab it. It’s ok, I’ve got a back-up plan, and a back-up plan for that back-up plan. I’m set. Don’t need help from pendejos out there. Ugh I’ve had some stressful past few days. Some things I bring upon myself, (like my peeing issues) but some things I don’t sign up for. Like friends giving away my happiness…..yes I’m bitter if you haven’t caught on. Today would have been a great day, if I some friends weren’t shitholes!!!!! Changing the subject…so I love how I started a new wave of blogs between my family and friends. Got 3 new people to start writing blogs!! I’m such a cool person!!! Rock On, Go Me!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 06/27/2010.

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