I’ve been thinking lately what kind of characteristics do I like someone to portray. What my style is, and who I can connect with. This is part of my little soul searching. How do we match ourselves with one another? I feel like since I have such a bold, mostly outgoing personality those are the types of people I’m more drawn to. Don’t think though that I don’t have some really good friends that are shy, and soft spoken. Opposites do attract don’t they? If I were to be looking for someone I’d want to see these characteristics right off hand.

1. Independent

2. Active

3. Easy-going

4. Affectionate

5. Loyal

6. Spontaneous

7. Humorous

8. Trustworthy

9. Understanding

10. A little bit of shy

So if you can find that for me that would be much appreciated. I’m tired of fake personalities, so don’t hand me over any crap.


~ by Lauraige on 06/28/2010.

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