Satan’s Mistress

I’m in over my head. Lauren, Lauren, Lauren you do it to yourself all the time. You’re working practically full time. You’re now picking up nannying jobs left and right. And now you are planning a new venture, that’s gonna have you ripping your hair at. I really want to go to New Jersey. I want to talk how they talk, and fist pump how they fist pump. So within this week, I picked up two more nannying jobs…..go me!!!! Getting shidobi taken care of with my life. UGH remember my blog about hair, and how I HATE hair? I hate it when guys have overly excessive hair. Remember boys sack, crack, and back. I don’t want to see hair there. It’s DISGUSTING!!! If I have to torture myself by getting nameless spots waxed, you can handle a little pain and get that taken care of as well. Or shoot. Shave it, if you’re too panzy to wax. Regardless, unless you want me to throw up on you, shave it. So I made a bet with someone on Sunday, that I would go a full month without logging into Facebook. The bet is for only 5 measly dollars, but I’m mainly doing it to prove him wrong. Show that I AM BETTER THEN HIM!!!! He couldn’t make 30 days, but he made a bet with the wrong person…….So peace out Facebook, I’ll surely be missed.


~ by Lauraige on 06/30/2010.

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