Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

It’s off to work I go, day 13 in a row. What is one to do on my afternoon/evening off of work? Do a shit-load of laundry. Washed every article of clothing in my house today, kill me now….I feel very accomplished, but I’m worn. For the past year now, I was supposed to switch rooms with my brother, and here we are a year later and nothing has happened. It is high on my priority list though now, to literally get my shit together and just do this damn thing already. I want to have my own space again, after a long day I can just crash. If my life continues to go in the path that it’s going on, I know I’ll need a place of solitude. The times in my day where I was waiting for clothes to wash, and after I folded all of them, I was looking at furniture and bedding. I want a cute little room that I can be so proud of. My personal style needs to be yelling loud and clear. No stupid crap that my mom buys anymore. She’s not gonna talk me into painting my room pink again. I have so many damn clothes too, but why can I never find anything to wear ever? Weird….it’s all good, I’ll junk all of my clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe!!! I’m sick and tired of looking at clothes, I feel like one of those asian laundry mat owners. At least all this work is keeping my mind off of Facebook!!! Day 3 and first time I remembered I haven’t been on. Anything you can do, I can do better……


~ by Lauraige on 07/04/2010.

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