Opportunity and Obligation

Kids say the darnest things. The little girl I nanny for tonight told me, ” I love you Lowen, you make me happy.”……awwwww child YOU make me happy!!!! I really have no idea what is on my mind tonight. It’s been a bi-polar kind of day. Varying emotions. On edge, I guess you could say. I feel bad lately for my friends, I’ve kind of been acting like a bitch. Not PMSing or anything, that’s done and over with, but I just don’t have the energy. Which kind of brings me to my interesting little story for the day. I am watching just some random crap on T.V mainly for background noise, but this show is about being over 70 and preggos. I think that is kind of a selfish choice. Why would you put that on your child, let alone the extent you’re going to just to have a child. Why not adopt? It’s healthier for you a post menopause woman, and definitely fewer health risk for your child. That is beside the fact that most of your child’s life, they will be growing up without a parent. I just couldn’t imagine trying to run after toddlers at 70. My dad is that old, and he keeps up better then some 50 year olds I know, but I could not see him running after a toddler. I just don’t think people are physically capable of parenthood after menopause. Just my ramblings…..I’m learning to make things an opportunity, not an obligation. Make a better attitude of my situation. Hey maybe those women think they are obligated to have kids, so they make it an opportunity?!

~ by Lauraige on 07/07/2010.

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