It’s More Than a Feeling

I’ve been having this recurring dream lately. Pretty much the same story with different scenarios. Comes down to me being late, and then the people that I work for end up firing me. I woke up this morning with that pit in my stomach feeling. I was wondering if it’s a sign that I’m going to loose my jobs. As I thought about it more, I realized that I’ve been realizing that I’m over working myself. Maybe I should undergo some psychoanalysis, to find the real meaning. I’m a very conscientious about being on time to jobs, and other important things. I actually despise being late. I’m habitually 15 minutes early to things. This week has just been another one of those weeks, where the powers that be, want everything in their power to make me late. Why are the dreams the same? Am I trying to tell myself, to stop working so hard? What else am I supposed to do with my time? Sit at home? Twiddle my fingers? I’m good at organizing my schedule, so I don’t think that I have issues with time management. It would be nice though if there were like 5 more hours in the day……when’s my next day off???


~ by Lauraige on 07/08/2010.

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