Aye Cuisine!!!

Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, I Am Free At Last!!!!! The weekend is finally here, and I’m going to try and make the most of this 24 hours of freedom. The nice thing about working this much, is that I’m sleeping BETTER than a baby. Who would of thought. I am straight it the pillows and I’m out cold. Nothing can wake me till that alarm goes off, so there is a little positivity in life. I had good evening. Stressful at first. Did a new nannying job, and I thought I wanted to kill myself, but I absolutely adore this family, and would go there at minutes notice. One downfall of working this much, is that I have no time to have a clear head and think of good blogs anymore, mostly bitching about how bad my life is. Well I’m fairly content, slight nervous breakdown today, but I’m not gonna carry baggage. Actually I do carry a lot of baggage, I look like the crazy bag lady when I leave the house in the morning. Got my gym bag, purse, lunch bag, tote bag for wet towels, and one last tote bag for my work binder, planner, and books. Some baggage…..I think I’m finally getting really excited about culinary school. Just bought my shoes today!


~ by Lauraige on 07/10/2010.

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