Hello Kitty

Greeting loved ones, I’m showing you today how the sweet cream is made. Time to indulge, finding my new food obsession. What’s better than fresh ice cream? I’m pretty sure I can think of a hundred different possibilities, but right now this sounds the best. So I’m gonna give myself a week to eat all the ice cream I can, and then I’m going to once again try the master cleanse. I need to rid these awful toxins from my body. It will rejuvenate me, and give me the energy I need. I’m going to try and make the oddest combinations of ice creams, but completely work. I kind of embarrassed myself today, Just my own thoughts don’t make sense to me sometimes. I don’t know where I pull my ideas from, but some of them just are STUPID!!! Anyways, I’m going to eat some homemade ice cream. 

~ by Lauraige on 07/14/2010.

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