I Let it Bang, Bang

I love getting my way. Is that bad? I’m queen of manipulating situations. Not bragging or anything….actually I’m completely bullshitting. I never get what I want. I’ve been meeting with my life coach and she’s trying to help me well…..get a life. Help me live and experience awesome things. Have stories to tell. Man, do I have stories to tell just from this week. I’m living the good life biznatches!! I’m out for a field day so be on the lookout. I’m ready to line em’ up and knock em’ down. I’m easy to please, just know what I like….and I still think that it’s those Whodidilys. HA!!! Yes that’s a hidden message…just do it!!!! I have some dumb motha ucka friends, but damn they know what’s good for me! UGH I still can’t get over tonight, too damn good!!! Ready for tomorrow. This blog is making no sense unless you were there….and you weren’t, so SUCKS FOR YOU!!!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 07/17/2010.

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