More Than a Feeling

Oh the horror. Do I have some dreadful news for you. So today, was at the beach and somehow… kaslapis got burnt. Don’t ask me how but I’m aching in pain!!! To make up for it, I decided to go shopping after the beach today for some dire necessities. I went and bought some sunglasses, (UV protection for when I’m staring at the pool.) shorts, (for the heat wave that we will be getting soon.) and a new bathing suit. The bathing suit was actually the only thing I REALLY needed. Since my stupid piece of crap onesie, after a month is now sagging and the chlorine is eating it up. So I bought a really cute reversible one piece. I love reversible, it’s getting two bathing suits in one!!! I needed cute new clothes for my vaca. I have a few things in mind, that I need to get before I go. Oh the stresses of just going on vacation. It’s jam packed in the next 3 weeks, last week of work then I’m flying out and will pretty much be gone for two full weeks……ohhhh. I’m really excited though, because while I’m visiting my sister, she’s going to take me to some delish cupcake joints. OHHHH I love my cupcakes…we’ll see if it can compare with my first love…


~ by Lauraige on 07/18/2010.

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