Pretty Wild

I’m just letting myself go. I’m giving in to my indulgences. I’m loving life right now. Keep things real, and things will go your way. I’m not sure I could of had a better day, besides the last part being just stupid. I’m finally going to get away after this week. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! The sweetest thing happened to me today, someone gave me flowers. No one ever gives me flowers. Not like I want flowers, they are kind of useless things, but regardless it was still sweet and made my day!!! I have a headache now, way to end a day. I’m just going to clarify something right now. I’m not a flirt instigator, but I am a flirt. I don’t put myself in sticky situations. That just ain’t me, actually ehhhh yea maybe I do start things, but not right now!!! AHHH I’m so spastic right now, shoot no bueno I’m out. Make good choices!!!

~ by Lauraige on 07/18/2010.

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