Lock Jaw

Man, tonight was really a biyatch. I hate being that annoying person, that always wants to be right. Actually I do always like to be right, but not an annoying little biyatch. I just don’t like when someone is doing something completely and obviously wrong, and no one else does or says anything to correct them. Right now I feel like I’m the person that has to be correcting, when it really shouldn’t be my job. Ugh, it’s tough being on top. I like being a boss master, makes me feel like I have the power. So I’m going to file a complaint, about people being like little children and complaining about the most petty things. It’s time to grow up, and stop being baby bitches. T-minus 6 days till I’m on vaca!!! It’ll be nice to change my pace, make people miss me a little. I know they will. They always say, distance make the heart grow fonder. Or maybe I’ll realize how much, I can live without it, and never come back…..pshhhh yea right!!!


~ by Lauraige on 07/19/2010.

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