Strange Sex

Let’s talk about sex (appeal) baby:

What made me choose this topic, well many different situations in the last few days have had this topic brewing in my mind. This day in age, that’s the first thing we see in someone, before we even know their personality. Sex appeal refers to the ability to attract the sexual interest of a person. Flirting is a very good way to show your sex appeal, in a fun, semi-sexual way. It’s more than just shallowness though, it’s a biological thing. Who is the fittest to procreate with, or who would be the strongest match for your offspring. Which leads me to my stories. Why is it that the only one’s I can attract are the 45 year old men?? They are FLIPPIN hot don’t get me wrong, but they are still 45. Today while I was guarding, this one nice looking guy, who comes in often kept flirting the heck out of me. I’m normally a little flirt with anyone, and everyone, but I didn’t think I was doing any serious damage with this guy. Evidently I was, because after he got out of the pool, he wanted my number. This wasn’t just hey give me your number, it was full on, “I want it now, I’m going to take you out to dinner tomorrow” kind of thing. Wow, shidobi….someone shoot me. Which brings me to my next thought. How far is too far to mix business with pleasure? At what point do you draw the line of relationships with coworkers? I’m all about pushing the limit, but only so far. Call me a flirt too, I don’t care. I know I set myself up for some of my problems, but it’s all in good fun. I’m young, and I’m fun. I bring the razzle and dazzle, and know how to keep it inappropriate.

~ by Lauraige on 07/20/2010.

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