Please Drink Responsibly

Who says that I’m not one easy influenced, that would be a bad thing if was a bad influence right? Well yea, duh, but I try not to let that stuff happen. Anyways, I was watching this movie, and it had me thing about what influences people to do certain things. The movie was, “An Education.” It is a coming of age story, about a young school girl, who longs for adventure and excitement of adulthood. She meets a older man who introduces her to that exciting life, which may jeopardize her dreams of going to Oxford. I won’t give the plot away anymore, but I will say that she almost gives up her whole education on a guy, just to be with him. This got my brain stirring, what possesses people to think that they can ensure their future in anyone else? I’ve been thinking about my future a lot lately, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone get in the way of making a better future for myself. I was talking with my sister today, and she is a happy stay-at-home mom, but she also has a degree. We were saying how God forbid one day that something happens to her husband and there goes the families income. Where am I going with this you ask? Well I was also talking with someone the other day, saying she would be happy if in 5 years she is married and being a homemaker. What about school? You don’t want to secure your future with an education? I just know that with my sister if she had to she could go back to the work force, and her future would still be secure. I’m definitely not putting anyone down, I’ve just been trying to figure out my own life, and what will work for me. Who knows I may throw this whole idea out the window in a day or two and have a totally different scheme I’m going by. Just making sure everyone has a future insurance plan, if what they have doesn’t go for them.

**This Post is Not Intended for Controversy**


~ by Lauraige on 07/23/2010.

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