Tiddily Wink

What a day, what a day. Long day at the airport. Annoying teenage girls talking about their unlimited texting plan, creepy nerdy adventurous kids, senile neighboring passengers. Reckless children, infectious smiles and laughter of babies, dull scenery. Seems like I’m on VACATION!!! Doesn’t seem like too thrilling of a start, but it’s been a long day of travels, and post night of madness with friends before. Bad, bad idea to go out with friends right before you get up for travels of a vacation. I’m ready for a mental relaxation. Therefore I’m turning off my phone, unplugging my email, and staying away from any contact other than the people I come face to face with. We will see how long I’ll last of vacation without it. Really though, no one is going to contact me anyways, what’s there to say?? Hmmmm, yea I’m thinking I’m not gonna last on this. Ewwww I’m never going read a Cosmopolitan magazine on an airplane again, too many horny men sitting next to me trying to read the total bullshiz that’s in there. It makes me wonder sometimes, what guys think I’m thinking…..and it’s nothing close to what you thought I can tell you that.


~ by Lauraige on 07/25/2010.

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