If You Really Knew Me….

Well today has been a pretty much exhausting day. Today was my oldest nephews 9th birthday…..damn I’m getting old. I remember the days when that kid was still in diapers and I was rocking him at my grandma’s house. I’ve watched that little goober grow up. Oh reminiscing on the old days. Today though was rough. I can honestly say, if I found out I was preggos right now I would think I would kill myself. Kid are a tough job. We went to this water park, it makes me remember the good ol’ days when me and a group of friends and our moms would take our annual water park trip when I was a wee little thing. Then we went out for a good old fashioned birthday dinner. Family makes me happy though, it makes me feel secure. I’m not sure even if I do move away from home, if I’d be ready to move far from any family. It sucks though because everyone is pretty much in one place. Woah is me, I live such a rough life. Boohoo…..


~ by Lauraige on 07/27/2010.

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