So, I’m dying for a workout. I need a good ass kicking. I’ve been stuffing my face constantly. Well actually I normally stuff my face 24/7, but I at least workout to make up for all my food intake. Shoot I had ice cream for breakfast, just don’t tell my sister that, she’ll kick my ass without the workout involved. I just now tried doing my floor workouts, but my sister’s dog hair covered floor just wasn’t doing it for me. I need to hop on a bike or find a pool, or a good running trail. Ugh, but Sac you ain’t floatin my boat. You’d think for a quaint suburban city this is, there would be good areas to workout in, but nope. For once I am actually missing SB. I can just get outdoors, rather than being cooped up all the time. It might actually be hard for me one day to leave SoCal. It can’t get more perfect than that. T-minus 2 days till FACEBOOK!!!! Someones gonna owe me something…….hmmmm cupcake or ice cream. Decisions, decisions. Dang I’m gonna get a fat ass.


~ by Lauraige on 07/28/2010.

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