Been There, Done That

Got me some old Sac today. Yea, so I went to old town Sacramento. It was so cool!! I love architecture of old buildings. The whole ghost town look gives me the chills and I love it. I’m getting so fat here, I swear I’ve eaten my body weight in food in the past week. The sucky thing is though, I’ve been having some horrible nightmares. I wonder what triggers nightmares?? Well, WebMD says, that lack of sleep, late night snacks, and anxiety can trigger nightmares. All of which I’ve had/done since vacation. What can you say, they aren’t horrible. Just more of freakishly weird. People I don’t expect, and who I’m not thinking about are in them. Well I should get some sleep and should stop eating this bag of candy I bought today from Candy Heaven in old Sac. Ooooo I bought some cricket lollipops. I had a chocolate covered grasshopper today. It was good until I got some legs stuck in my teeth. Then, I wanted to gag a little. Ready to eat my packs of lollipops hahahahaha……I’m gross.

~ by Lauraige on 07/29/2010.

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