I’ll Never Be the Same

Ugh I’m powering through today on 4 hours of sleep. Today was not the funnest day. Black eye, starving, lack of sleep, headaches, and no dang magazine!!! Don’t ask, it’s 1 AM and I’m still up packing for camp. Oh how I’m dreading it slightly. My head is spinning with confusion right now. Excitement, and a little bit of regret. I overanalyze things way too much. Well say farewell to this site. It’s the last post. This is actually going to be the last post for the week. Since I’ll be at camp I won’t have any internet connection. I’m so tiredfijogiwebvfhnvoeioehgoinvpweufoihd I mean tired. Goodnight, hello another 4 hours of sleep…..FML 2010.


~ by Lauraige on 07/31/2010.

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