Nemo Sushi

Story of my life

So I was supposed to post something last night, but I was fixing my computer. So…..never happened. I’m trying to edit and delete all my pictures from my trips. Very time consuming. I’m still not liking being back. Especially when I look at the pictures. I saw Inception today. They said to never bring memories in dreams. I feed off of memories. I know it’s not good living in the past, but if I don’t try and remember, who will? There are some days where I will just sit there right before I go to bed and think and think and think about a specific person or memory, just so I will dream about it. Is that wrong? I don’t understand either how people had nightmares about the movie. I would love it if people invaded my dreams. Maybe they will understand how wacky my head is. Maybe they can also tell me the secrets about myself. I have to say the ending wasn’t satisfying. Try harder next time writers!!!! Eh that’s really all that’s been on my mind, other than my near panic attack I had tonight. I can get too consumed, too easily
sometimes…..oh bother.


~ by Lauraige on 08/10/2010.

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