Gluten Guilt

I’m failing at this blog stuff lately. Another night where I forget to write something. I like to think my life is entertaining, that’s why I guess I’m out every night getting myself into trouble. So I decided after the past couple weeks that I want to start a strict gluten-free diet. I also want to cut out any refined sugars. Why you may ask am I doing this? Well, first I’m testing my own mind and testing my self-control. Secondly, I really want to take the next step in my healthy lifestyle, I already work out like a mad man, might as well start eating like it. And thirdly, ehhh I don’t know that’s really it I guess. We will see though how this goes after I start culinary. We’ll start baby steps though in cutting out the sugars, and gluten. I know there are tons of supplements for the things I love, but it’s just all about self control. And it all starts with me resisting this piece of garlic bread….


~ by Lauraige on 08/14/2010.

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