G.I Joe

I know I’ve been talking about food a lot the past couple of days, but I better get used to it. Food will be my life shortly. Anyways on with my food story. So I was eating some gluten free cookies tonight dipping them in some milk. I was halfway through my glass and decided to just take a sip. I thought it was just the funky taste of the cookie, still getting used to the gluten free style. That wasn’t the cookie…..that milk was far past rotten. I believe the expiration date was August 8th….I feel sick to my stomach already. How does someone let that just sit in a refrigerator. Then again, how could I not tell that the milk was 8 days old. It was fat free milk too, so doesn’t really have an odor to begin with. Anyways, I’m feeling not so could is the bottom line. I can’t be getting sick now, there’s only a couple more days till school starts. Shoot only a couple more days till school starts!!!!! I’m not ready, but I can’t drop out now, haven’t even started yet. I at least need to go one day to say that I went to college, to get more knowledge.

~ by Lauraige on 08/16/2010.

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