Thanks for the Memories

Sup, so I saw Dinner for Shmucks tonight. Pretty much made my week, it was that funny. What kind of person picks up dead mice and dresses them up?? That was awesome, I was crying by the first 2 minutes. I guess that’s what happens if you go into something with low expectations. Maybe that’s how I should be going about life. With low expectation, and then ends up not being half bad and everything is all good. That way as well if something is really lame, at least I didn’t get my hopes up. I like that, I like that a lot. Well this will be my first week of my new nannying job, no more youth group. Man, I think I’m sincerely, actually going to miss it. Really, truly. That’s been my life every Wednesday night for pretty much the past 7 years. WOW!!! I cannot believe it’s been that long. Well so long everyone, I’ll visit when I can.


~ by Lauraige on 08/17/2010.

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