Call Me Mayhem

T-minus 5 days till school starts. It’s anxiousness just not knowing what to expect, I guess. That being said only 9 days until my birthday!! That’s just stressful trying to plan something to do. Criss Angel continues to amaze me. I think I’ve already talked about him before, but holy moly he’s freakin AMAZING!!!!! Right now he’s going to stick his feet in cement and be thrown into the ocean and he’s going to escape. WHAT?!?!?! Criss Angel does it better, biyatch. So I’m slammed every minute of everyday till summer ends. Literally have every day mapped out down to enough time to take a shower. I need to get used to school and the crazy long days I’ll have. Aye, so I watched probably 6 episodes of Dora the Explorer. Man that biyatch is dumb. She’s so annoying. I wanted to slap myself everytime she said the word “vamanos.” The sacrifices you make for kids. Gotta love em’.


~ by Lauraige on 08/18/2010.

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