Here Comes the Sun

Let the magic begin. Honestly I don’t know what I’m writing about tonight. Ummmm, I watched some roller derby chicks today. They were pretty bad ass. I think I want to become a derby chick. Just one problem, won’t lie, and I’m not stereotyping it was the sincere truth. They were all lesbians for the exception of two. I don’t mind gay men, just women. I don’t roll that way, no pun intended. Still I’d be a badass roller derby chick. I went to concert in the park today too. Got myself a sweet hat. Got some sushi, and YOGURTLAND!!!! The one thing I was craving all day. I got a monster thing of frozen yogurt. Couldn’t have been better….actually it could of. I could have not worked today. Then it would have been perfect. Ummmmm so I don’t know what else was really cool about my day. Nothing too much to talk about. Oh……



~ by Lauraige on 08/19/2010.

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