Hit Girl

Not complaining or anything, but tomorrow is gonna suck. I am going to be working a total of 11 1/2 hours tomorrow. That’s almost considered an entire day. Kill me PUHLEASE!!!! Way to ruin a great couple of days. Today was amazing. Nothing even exciting, I’m just happiest when I’m with friends. I must say Kick Ass is one of my new favorite movies. I wanna be just like that purple haired girl. Really, I should have no complaints about my life. It honestly couldn’t be better right now. I mean I can look at tomorrow on the bright side, I’m gonna be making mad cash money!! That is just what I need right now. Speaking of which, I need to go do my online survey thing that I get money for. Yea I’m already up to 10 dollars!!! And I need to go to bed, my day starts at 5:30…..


~ by Lauraige on 08/20/2010.

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